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How can we explain Dub Vacation if you have never been…

Well it is a VW ‘Event’, but it is also a holiday!

Dub Vacation is a week long holiday for owners and lovers of VWs. It is held annually in Suffolk and is an event for all ages. Groups and families attend in equal number. It is as relaxed or as busy as you choose. There are major activities every day, only some of which are shown in the images below. Dub Vacation is insanely inexpensive for what is in effect an ‘activity holiday’. The price includes all camping charges at the venue and entertainment every evening, as well as most of the workshops and feature activities throughout the week.

 The activities and workshops arranged to make Dub Vacation a memorable week for all visitors are, with very few exceptions, free of charge once you have booked your holiday.  There is a superb range of activities for all the family throughout the week.  Last year many of the activities were oversubscribed, and whilst everyone had a great time, and got to take part in their chosen activities, we will be adding several more sessions of both activities and workshops through the week..

The total number of pitches at Dub Vacation is restricted to 250, to ensure that everyone gets to enjoy the activities and workshops they wish to take part in.  Just about everyone who attended either of the previous events has expressed their intention to be back for Dub Vacation #6.

Below is a list of the many and varied activities we have run in the past. For a full list of 2017 ‘workshop’ type sessions, click on ‘About the Workshops’ above or go here


Archery (Free)

 Archery had been one of our feature activities during the DubVacation holiday.   You should plan to be spending around an hour under instruction and bookings will be taken for each hour in advance, on the day.  Before firing off the arrows at the target, you’ll be led out to the archery range to learn how to safely handle the bow.  An experienced specialist instructor will then provide tuition on the techniques of archery, so you should be at least hitting the target, if not the bullseye.  We think you’ll be surprised at just how good you will be after just one lesson. The archery lesson will be tailored to suit your ability, so it doesn’t matter if you’ve never held a bow before, in fact we expect that to be the case with most participants.

Bar and Evening Activities

dv9From Monday through to Sunday, the bar will be open every night for reasonably priced drinks and with DJ’s or musicians every night of the holiday week.

It’s a lively, social area very close to the campsite and was the hub of social activity during many evenings at Dub Vacation.

Other evening activities usually revolve around groups of campers throwing impromptu barbeque parties to which anyone is invited.  Many new friendships were formed in 2012, 2013 and 2014. The social aspect of Dub Vacation will we hope be even better in 2015, although it is hard to imagine that it could be. Everyone is very friendly, and the evening atmosphere has been, frankly, quite awesome.

Bird of Prey Flying Demonstrations

 A  discount has been arranged against the usual prices for the week and is available to everyone at DubVacation.  Passes to enable you to visit anytime and as often as you wish throughout the week’


Childrens Treasure Hunt (Free)

There is plenty to do at DubVacation for children of various ages, but children of all ages from 2 to 16 can enjoy the DubVacation ‘Treasure Hunt’. I t may not be cool enough for teenagers, but it is definitely a rewarding activity for the younger kids.  The treasure hunt areas are restricted to areas safe from moving vehicles etc. and the search time is limited to 1 hour each day. ‘Tokens’ are randomly and liberally scattered around the areas each day, and once found, can either be exchanged in various quantities for small prizes, mostly sweets and small toys, or saved in an effort to try to collect the highest individual number of tokens.  The child checking in the highest number of tokens at midday on Friday, will win the week’s ‘Top Treasure Hunter’ award.

 Children’s Games and Disco  (Free)

  This special session is two hours long and all children attending are welcome.  Friday at 3pm,  As with all the activities arranged specifically for Dub Vacation, there is no additional charge.

Cruises to Southwold and Aldeburgh (Free)

During the week of Dub Vacation there are organised cruises to two of the most beautiful coastal towns in Suffolk, Southwold (29 miles) and Aldeburgh (25 miles).  Everyone taking part will assemble at Stonham Barns, and given route maps, timings and locations of activities.  You can choose to spend the day exploring the destination town or other local parts of the Suffolk coastline.  You can also visit tourist attractions or venues in each town, where you can collect, in sealed envelopes, 3 playing cards.  On your return, you can check your cards in, which along with the two  ‘house’ cards, (undisclosed until you get back to prevent cheating) will form your hand.  Whoever checks in the best hand  will win a years subscription to a VW magazine of their choice.

The Southwold ‘Poker Run’ will leave Stonham Barns at 10am on Tuesday 2nd August; The Aldeburgh ‘Poker Run’ will leave Stonham Barns at 10am on Friday 5th August.


Fishing Lakes

The fishing lakes are set in a tree lined corner away from the hustle and bustle.  Both lakes contain a mixture of Carp (to 25lbs), Tench and Bream.  The lakes are open  7 days a week.  There is a small shop which sells a small selection of drinks and snacks, as well as tackle and bait.  It is open throughout the day on every day of DubVacation, including arrival day Monday, before too many of the other activities have got under way.  At Dub Vacation #1 in 2012, the fishing lakes proved very popular and in light of that we included a competition element during Dub Vacation #2 which we are set to repeat for Dub vacation #3.  The contest will consist of two 2 hour sessions in the early evening on Wednesday and Thursday, which gives any keen fishermen a couple of days to familiarise themselves with the lake and practice their tactics.  There’s a Dub Vacation Trophy for the best specimen and for the overall winner.  Day tickets are usually £6, although we are in the process of negotiating a single hire fee for the entire lake for the four hours, which may reduce the individual cost during the match.


Golf Course and Driving Range

The golf course at Stonham Barns is a nice little tester for your short irons and short game, ideal for beginners high handicappers, and junior golfers too. The greens are generally small but in great condition.  There are 2 par 4 holes and the rest are short par 3’s.  The course is suitable for any golfer to play a round with raw beginners; perhaps after a lesson with the resident PGA pro on the 28 bay range.

The price of a round is £5, and for £8.50 you can purchase a day pass, and hone your short game to your hearts content until the sun goes down. Discounts on these prices for Dub Vacation visitors are currently being arranged. If we manage to achieve any savings on these already modest prices, we will update this information accordingly.

The Stonham Barns Golf Centre includes a 28 bay covered driving range, with a putting green and a practice bunker. It is open throughout the day on every day of DubVacation, including arrival day Monday, before too many of the other activities have got under way. It’s an excellent place for golfers of all abilities to hone their game, or just to get a bit of practice in before venturing out onto the course.

 Hovercraft Driving (Free)

They say it’s just like driving a car. Except one with 4 flat tyres, on ice. Learn to control the machine’s movement as it travels on a cushion of air around the course, or as close to the course as you can manage! You might expect to pay around £60 for the hovercraft driving experience, but at Dub Vacation it is free. Book your session on the day in the registration marquee, or wait for the next available slot.

Laser Clay Shoot (Free)

 At the Dub Vacation Laser Shooting events, you will use the very latest system, with deactivated shotguns fitted with a laser beam to shoot at clays fitted with a reflective strip. We dropped the laser clays in 2014, and are considering restoring them to the activity list. If we do so, we will have daytime sessions, and also night sessions with glow in the dark clays! Guns fire an infra-red beam at the reflective and reusable clays – ‘hits’ appear on the giant Laser Clays Scoreboard. The automatic scoreboard keeps track of your progress and lets you know who is Top Gun. Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting is suitable for men and women and from around 8 years upwards. As a feature event, it will take place throughout two full days of the holiday, and we’re sure it will be a popular choice with visitors. You should plan to be spending around half an hour under instruction, and bookings will be taken for each session in advance, on the day.


 Sand Sculpturing and Play ‘Beach’  (Free)

Throughout the week, we will install a play ‘beach’ and provide sandcastle buckets, rakes and spades. You can of course also bring your own buckets and spades. We proved at Dub Vacation #1, that this simple activity provides hours of enjoyment for the kids, but to our surprise many adults just couldn’t help but get involved. Enough that we are also providing a stock of sand especially suitable for grown up ‘Sand Sculptures’, and assuming that they all survive, we will be having a sand sculpture ‘Show & Shine’. Last year the bar was set (very high), with a VW Campervan, complete with glow in the dark lights! This is the kind of sand sculpture you need to outdo for Dub Vacation #3.



Volleyball (Free)

Volleyball at DubVacation will be available on request for a 30 minute session whenever you fancy a knockabout. If you are on your own or in a small group, feel free to ask to join in with players already on the pitch. You can play in teams of 2 upwards, and from dawn to dusk all week. The volleyball court this year is set up on grass, not sand, and official competition volleyballs are available from the administration office.


As well as all the activities listed here, there is another huge list of  ‘things to do’ under the heading of  ‘Workshops’.

To find out more, go here.


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