Childrens’ Treasure Hunt

Free Activity

There is plenty to do at DubVacation for children of various ages, but children of all ages from 2 to 12 can enjoy the DubVacation ‘Treasure Hunt’. It may not be cool enough for teenagers, (who after all are old enough to try the archery, clay shoot etc) but it is definitely a rewarding activity for the younger kids. The treasure hunt areas are restricted to areas safe from moving vehicles etc. , and the search time is limited to 1 hour each day. ‘Tokens’ are randomly and liberally scattered around the areas each day, and once found, can either be exchanged in various quantities for small prizes, mostly sweets and small toys, or saved in an effort to try to collect the highest individual number of tokens. The child checking in the highest number of tokens at midday on Friday, will win the week’s ‘Top Treasure Hunter’ award.

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