Hovercraft Driving

We have been let down at the 11th hour. This was booked through a third party, and is not now available to us. Sincere apologies, we are working on a replacement activity, and currently have a Climbing Wall, Quad rides, and a free session on Fairground Rides all lined up as alternatives. Maybe all three.

Dates and times – Thursday 9th August, 10am – 5pm

They say it’s just like driving a car. Except one with 4 flat tyres, on ice. Learn to control the machine’s movement as it travels on a cushion of air around the course, or as close to the course as you can manage! You might expect to pay around £60 for the hovercraft driving experience, but at Dub Vacation it is free. Book your session on the day in the registration marquee, or wait for the next available slot.

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