Laser Clay Shoot

Free Activity.

Dates and Times – Tuesday 7th August – 10am – 5pm, Wednesday 8th August, 7pm – 10pm night session. Thursday 9th August, 10am – 1pm.

At the Dub Vacation Laser Shooting event, you will use the very latest system, with deactivated shotguns fitted with a laser beam to shoot at clays fitted with a reflective strip. We have daytime sessions, and also night sessions with glow in the dark clays! Guns fire an infra-red beam at the reflective and reusable clays – there’s a realistic shotgun ‘bang’ – hits are indicated by the sound of a breaking clay, and appear on the giant Laser Clays Scoreboard. The automatic scoreboard keeps track of your progress and lets you know who is Top Gun.

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting is suitable for men and women and from the age group of 8 upwards. As a feature event, it will take place throughout one single day of the holiday, and we’re sure it will be a popular choice with visitors. You should plan to be spending around an hour under instruction, and bookings will be taken for each session in advance, on the day.

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