Dub Vacation/Shows-UK Webstore

The Dub Vacation and Shows-UK Webstore can be used to buy tickets for all Shows-UK events, as well as Dub Vacation tickets and merchandise including Stickers, T Shirts, souvenir framed flyers, and other items.

For Dub Vacation: When you are ready to make a purchase, scroll down to the white panel entitled ‘Order DubVacation ticket options’.

Using the drop down menu, select type of ticket (or product) and enter the quantity required, then click ‘add to cart’. If you require a range of tickets, for example you might require 2 adult and 2 child tickets, and an extra vehicle ticket. Continue to add ticket types, in your required quantity, via the ‘add to cart’ button

If you are booking for less than full week, select ‘ADULT 24HR’ or ‘CHILD 24HR’ for EACH PERSON, for required number of days. Example: 2 adults for 3 days, add quantity of 6. ! adult and 1 child for 3 days, select ‘ADULT 24HR’ quantity 3, add to cart, ‘CHILD 24HR’ quantity 3.

When you have finished shopping, SCROLL BACK TO THE TOP OF THE PAGE, and click on ‘shopping cart’, where you can review and amend your purchases, quantities etc, until you are happy to complete the personal details and check out.




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