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Here you can buy tickets for all other Shows-uk events. Please select the event(s) you wish to attend, and the number of tickets required. You can make Paypal or Credit Card payments (Through Paypal). You will be sent an ‘eTicket’ to the supplied email address.


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1Event Tickets select below£0.001000
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Other Event Tickets (Advance)
Spring Break Pre Booked Tickets
1Spring Break Full Weekend £20.00
2Spring Break arrive Saturday£16.00
3Spring Break day ticket only (Sat)£8.00
4Spring Break day ticket only (Sun)£8.00
5Spring Break 4 Berth Static, total price£250.00
6Spring Break 6 Berth Static total price£330.00
7Spring Breaky 8 Berth Static total price£430.00
8All Shows Catering Deposit (1 Days)£50.00
9All Shows Catering Deposit (2)£100.00
10Dub Vacation Open Weekend Ticket (No overnight)£0.00
11Dub Vacation Open Weekend (2 nights on site)£0.00
12Dub Vacation Open Weekend (Stay 1 night)£0.00
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