1) What size are the pitches?

The standard pitch is 4m x 8m (Approximately 13ft x 26ft)

The group pitch is 6m x 8m (Approximately 20ft x 26ft)

The family pitch is 6m x 8m (Approximately 20ft x 26ft)

2) I am a single adult with children under 16 – What do I need to book?

In this situation please book a standard pitch, single adult. (The cost is the same as a single person attending on their own.)

3) When can I arrive?

The earliest arrivals for Dub Vacation should seek to arrive any time after 8am on Monday 5th August. Monday is very much a ‘settling in’ day, with no organised activity until the evening.

4) Can I stay for the Sunday night before Dub Vacation?

This is possible. However it is outside the period of time booked for Dub Vacation, and therefore the period Shows-UK/Dub Vacation have hired the venue, there is a separate charge. You can buy an overnight ticket for Sunday 4th August when you book . (Here)

5) We are a group of 5 adults – Can we cram on a group pitch?

No, however by taking a group and a standard pitch, shared between all 5 adults, the per person price is still great value.

5.1) OK if we book two pitches will they be together?

Once you have a booking reference for both bookings, email us with the names and we will reserve side by side pitches with your booking reference/names.

6) Which of the activities are free? Some mention a ‘small charge’.

The only activities for which you are charged an additional sum for taking part, are where you are in control of what you use. Cake decorating, and some Craft workshops for example involve ‘consumable’ items. All the presenters or instructors’ time is paid for by Dub Vacation for all workshops and seminars. For example Zumba, having an instructor, but no ‘materials consumption’ will be free. Unless it specifically states that a fee will be charged, there is no extra cost incurred by attending. And in all cases, if you wish to attend and simply ‘watch on’ during jewellery making, or sit with a friend during the cupcake decorating session, you are free to do so.

7) Do you have club camping for the week & weekend in the same spot?

Yes, and the same applies to any plot. It will be the same throughout the week, you will not be expected to relocate at the weekend. However for clubs during Bus Jam, a separate ‘display’ area is also included.

8 ) Do you have club camping for just the weekend?

Yes. Also, if your club has some members for the week and others just attending for the weekend, they may on the final weekend occupy the club area allocated for the week, or in some areas, additional space in front of predefined pitches.

9) Would will be able to book a part week and weekend?

This is more difficult, but theoretically possible. You would have the option of booking an official pitch for the week and having the advantage of taking part in all activities every day, or booking weekend tickets at £20 each, and a regular Stonham Barns Camping/Caravan pitch which is priced at £18-20 per pitch per night plus £2 per night  for each person, and a £10 ‘day pass’ at the showground entrance each day. (Not available online.) As an example, we calculate that if arriving Wednesday, two adults would pay a total of £124.00 compared with £140.00 if arriving Monday. (See item 4 above regarding Sunday evening arrival)

Basically, the cost of the week is unlikely to be much cheaper if you personally don’t want to come until Tuesday or Wednesday or whatever, because the infrastructure costs are the same… all the hired in activities etc, cost the same if 9 or 900 people take part. We really have made this week’s holiday as low cost as possible, whilst still providing a fantastic range of things to keep the whole family occupied for the week.

Clubs will be within the Showground site itself. (As will a limited number of early booked plots.)

11) Is there a charge for showers?


12) Is there a washing machine/dryer/laundrette on site?

No. We are currently trying to negotiate a daily laundry pick up and collection service from Stowmarket or Ipswich. If/When this is confirmed, it will be added to details on the website.


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