About the Workshops


Generally all workshops are free, included in your Dub Vacation price. Many of the workshops, presented by experts and professionals, would command fees in excess of the total cost of Dub Vacation.

 Where materials are provided, for example many of the craft skills, there will be a small additional charge to cover these costs.

A range of workshops has been designed to ensure as far as possible that all members of the family are catered for and able to learn new skills. Many of the workshops are suitable for children with an attending parent. Most music based workshops, craft skills workshops are ideal for parents and kids.

All of the workshops were highly popular at Dub Vacation #1, #2, and #3. For Dub Vacation #4 we will be providing even more choice and even more sessions for most activities. For information on each workshop, see below. For information on other activities at Dub Vacation #4, click on ‘2015 Activities’ above, or go here.


African Drum Workshop(Free)

Learn individual drumming beats and patterns as well as joining in group sessions, to produce the unmistakable sounds and rhythms of African Drums. Professional instructors throughout the week, free use of equipment, and an opportunity to take part in a feature attraction at the weekend.


Cake Decorating

Everyone loves a cupcake right? And as if the pleasure of eating a cupcake is not enough, at Dub Vacation you and the family can enjoy cupcakes made by your own fair hand. As well as learning some basic methods such as piping etc,  from Dub Vacation pioneer Jean Arnold, you will also have the opportunity to let your imagination run riot. A batch decorated with VW Roundel perhaps? The cake decorating class has a small (£3) charge to cover cakes and materials, but you will leave with enough cupcakes to more than justify the cost. Each workshop can accommodate a maximum of 12 people, and workshops will be running  Tuesday and Friday.

2015 Craft Workshops – Ceramics

The Dub Vacation crafting workshops are presented over the course of the week and this year we are concentrating on ceramics once again. You will have the opportunity to paint bisque (unglazed) mugs, plates and figures, which will (hopefully) be available to you glazed and fired, and looking wonderful by Friday/Saturday. There is a small charge for each item painted, but The Teapot Pottery, Debemham are sponsoring the activity saving everyone the Studio Fee of £5.50.

Festival Headband Making

headbandsThe festival headband making run by Katie Blades-Sherriff has been hugely popular for the last two years, and for a very small fee to cover materials, you can create your own flower power ‘summer of love’ souvenir.




Golf Lessons (Free)


You will have a free taster session with a professional golfing coach on the Stonham Barns driving Range. All ages are catered for, (small children will be offered a round of ‘mini-golf’).





Life Drawing  (Free)

The life drawing workshops at Dub Vacation are presented with the idea in mind that a wide diversity of skill levels will be represented. Whether you are an interested novice, or a highly skilled artist, you are welcome to join the workshops. If you are a complete beginner, come along… we can work with you, and it’s hardly likely that you won’t learn something along the way. And if you are sufficiently skilled to help critique and develop others, so much the better. The classes will be held f Tuesday tand Thursday. All materials and equipment will be provided for you.

Meditation Workshops  (Free)

From 9am Daily. Our Meditation workshops are free, and although the meditation practiced, the mindfulness of Breathing, is of Buddhist origin, the sessions are entirely secular, and for anyone interested enough to find out if meditation, in producing a more calm, relaxed and focused mental state, might offer them any personal benefits. Mindfulness has become achingly trendy and popular in the self help, business, and new age arenas, and as usually there’s a healthy dose of bullshit from those who ‘package’ and ‘monetarise’.  We are freely teaching basic techniques, but even so, 45 minutes each day is just about enough time to explain and demonstrate the techniques you will be taking with you, and practicing long after the vacation ends. For this reason we ask everyone attending the workshops to commit, as far as possible,  to ALL of the planned sessions throughout the week. Please bring something like a cushion or stool if possible. (Definitely not a ‘slouch’ chair tho!)

Rocket Build  (Free)

rocketThe 2014 Rocket building workshop was totally entertaining and to everyone’s surprise, the rocket worked incredibly well, flying about a 1/4 of a mile. Half the fun was in the making, but the second launch in 2014, when the rocket landed within about 40 feet of it’s launch position, was totally spectacular!

This year we are hoping for a maximum three launches, and a flying height of somewhere around 1500 ft.

Ukulele  (Free)

Thought you’d never learn to play an instrument? A Ukulele you will… The rise of the Ukulele in recent years has been phenomenal, and with many schools now favouring the ‘uke’ over the recorder it will doubtless continue. Our Ukulele workshop sessions will give you the basics needed for you to go on and master what is a wonderful instrument. You WILL leave the session able to play some basic chords, and that is guaranteed! The previous workshops were great fun, and everyone attending did manage to leave able to play some chords and make some half decent chord changes! You can return for further sessions space permitting, but priority each day will be given to those who have yet to take part in a workshop. Children under 16 may take part in the sessions, but should be accompanied by an adult.


Yoga Classes


 New for 2015, and if you are not up to the exertions of dance classes, how about trying out Yoga, and leaving Dub Vacation stronger, more flexible? Whether you want to relax, have a workout or get in touch with your spiritual side, there is an opportunity at Dub Vacation.


Zumba and Fitness  (Free)

The Zumba and fitness sessions are all run with qualified instructors and take place throughout the week. The sessions are mixed and inclusive, age or gender is NOT an excuse to not take part.


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