Learn Ukulele

Thought you’d never learn to play an instrument? A Ukulele you will… The rise of the Ukulele in recent years has been phenomenal, and with many schools now favouring the ‘uke’ over the recorder it will doubtless continue. Of course, adults also find much to like about Ukuleles, and even The Beatles were heavily into the instrument – George Harrison wouldn’t travel without his, John Lennon has been photographed with his uke (see below), and Paul McCartney often plays it now at his live shows. Of the new generation of rock stars, the most notable Ukulele player is indie cult-hero Patrick Wolf.

Our Ukulele workshop sessions will give you the basics needed for you to go on and master what is a wonderful instrument. You WILL leave the session able to play some basic chords, and that is guaranteed! You can return for further sessions space permitting, but priority each day will be given to those who have yet to take part in a workshop. Children under 16 may take part in the sessions, but should be accompanied by an adult. We have a number of instruments for you to use, which can be purchased after the final workshop (for around £20).


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